Agro Services


We offer scientfific storage and preservation services for the entire gamut of agri Commodities through our integrated support solutions with the spread across warehousing network. We also anchor our self for the development of modernized owned warehouses for storage and to facilitate the wide range of market participants dealing in agri commodities including farmers,traders, aggregators and processors thereby contributing greater levels of efficiency to reduce post harvest losses.

Core offerings with the Integrated solution canvassing anywhere in India

Fumigation services
Quality & testing
Weighing & handling
Insurance services
Collateral Management
Information system
Distribution management
Commodity Exchange services includes Future and Spot markets
Logistics management


Our procurement services are backed by in-depth study and value understanding of commodites with the impacts of seasonility and efficiently managing the perishability. We leverage and assist our stakeholders for the procurement of commodities at right quantity and quality at right price. Total facilitates private and government agency to procure the commodities from physical mandis, farmers, aggregator, traders based on the fair and competitive prices available.

Total is jointly providing services with NCDEX e Markets Limited to the Small Farmers Agri. Business Consortium(SFAC) in the state of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan for the procurment of pulses and oilseeds under the MSP operations.


We understand the constraints and need of liquidity at stages of agri supply chain. With the help of leading Indian banks we address farmers, traders and processors in financing their finanancial requirements at the same time managing and reducing the inherated operational risk by adhering to the stringent process of preservation, inspection, continous monitoring and the control measures of the commodities lien as collateral.


Quality assessment with accuracy is the need of hour for dealing in agri commodities to facilitate the same we have our LAB INFRASTRUCTURE ARRANGEMENT located centrally at Jodhpur and customize arrangements with thirdparty tie ups in the state of Gujrat, Maharashtra, MP & Delhi.

About Company

Over the years, we at Total Logistics are proud of the generous support given by our clients, business associates, well-wishers, and a team of dedicated personnel, which has been a great asset and we hope to continue as we all grow together from strength to strength.

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To work hard and work smart and at the same time, dig out opportunities where no one sees them. It's easier to do your work in good times, but also learn to enjoy the thrill of overcoming a tough challenge in rough times.

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